"Timeless Beauty" Coco C No.5...
"Timeless Beauty" Coco C No.5...
"Timeless Beauty" Coco C No.5...
"Timeless Beauty" Coco C No.5...
"Timeless Beauty" Coco C No.5...
"Timeless Beauty" Coco C No.5...
"Timeless Beauty" Coco C No.5...
"Timeless Beauty" Coco C No.5...
"Timeless Beauty" Coco C No.5...
"Timeless Beauty" Coco C No.5...
"Timeless Beauty" Coco C No.5...

"Timeless Beauty" Coco C No.5 Phone/Lanyard Strap Sea Marine Collagen Beauty Drink & EDT 30ml Scent Gift Set

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Product Details:

This exclusive gift set consists of:

  • 1 x SeaPro Marine Collagen (1 month supply)
  • 1 x Flower of Story Eau de Parfume 30ml (4 scent choices: Morning Glow, Spring Sunshine, Rolling Heart and Freesia Daisy)
  • 1 x "Coco C No.5" Exclusive Mobile Phone Strap (Gold or Green)
  • 1 x Gift kraft box
  • 1 x Ribbons (Random colours)
  • 1 x Pre-printed wish card 

Return Policy

  • If you received a damaged, defective or wrong item, please contact support@mybeli.com.my within 48 hours.

  • No refund will be given if the complaint is made more than 48 hours after having received the product(s).


Benefits of SeaPro Marine Collagen

  • Moisturizing Collagen contains hydrophilic with natural moisturizing factor to aid in the moisture lock system, it helps to keep our skin moist, shiny and delicate.
  • Whitening & Fading of Dark Spots Collagen helps to generate new cells faster, prevents dark spots, reduces UV stimulation of melanocytes, whitens the skin and even fades the existing dark spots.
  • Anti-aging Collagen aids in holding up the skin cells, combining the effects of moisturizing and wrinkles suppression, and thus reduces fine Kubes and prevents deep skin wrinkles.
  • Repair Tissues Active collagen able to penetrate directly into the skin in order to help cells in collagen generation of collagen protein, which prompts the growth of normal skin cells, refreshes the skin.
  • Firming Body Shape Hydroxyproline in collagen helps to tighten connective tissue of the skin. this results in breast fullness, the upturn of buttocks, and created graceful body curves.


- How To Consume -

  • Take 1 spoon (5gm) of collagen powder, mix in warm water (or you may choose your own favourite drink e.g. milo. coffee, oat, beverages, soup, etc), stir well and drink.
  • Drink every morning or night, 30mins before/ after a meal.
  • Better result if take 1 spoon every morning and night.

SeaPro Collagen Peptide在市场已有15年了。我们的胶原蛋白肽是【法国


Flower of Story Eau de Toilette Paris Vaporisature Spray Feminity Passionate Hypoallergenic Fragrance 

M'CREATE introduces a new sparkling fragrance inspired by Paris the city of intense love Eau de parfume vaporisatuer spray immediately exude sensuality and femininity.

The soul of the fragrance embodies desire and seduces the senses. Finally, this modern and daring floral scent is balanced. The experience is a passionate and unforgettable whirlwind journey to Paris.



Net weight: 30ml. 1FL.OZ

EXP: 5yrs


C) Mobile Phone Strap

  • Material: Nylon Lanyard
  • Size: Neck Strap Lanyard
  • Colour: As shown in the photo
  • Suitable for any phone, phone case, ID lanyard, Gym Card, Access Card with lanyard hole
  • Features 1: Anti-drop, Anti-hand slip
  • Features 2: Anti-lost, Easy to Carry
  • Function: Hand Straps Reduce the Chance of Losing Your Phone, Access Card, etc
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