Vanish Power O2 Fabric Stain Remover...
 Vanish Power O2 Fabric Stain Remover...
 Vanish Power O2 Fabric Stain Remover...

Vanish Power O2 Fabric Stain Remover Pink - 550g

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Vanish Power O2 Fabric Stain Remover Pink 500g

Product Features
Vanish can also help remove blood stains as well as ensure you remove red wine stains and perspiration stains.

Return Policy
• If you received a damaged, defective or wrong item, please contact within 48 hours.
• No refund will be given if the complaint is made more than 48 hours after having received the product(s).


Product Description
Vanish Power O2 removes even tough dried in stains.

Ensuring that you are left with stain free laundry 1st time every time!

Have you seen a stain on your clothes that you can't seem to remove?

Don't fear! Vanish Power O2 Powder removes all types of stains, from the ones you can clearly see to the tougher ones that may be hidden.

Vanish Power O2 Powder is safe to use on both coloured and white clothing.

Usage Information
Removing stains from your clothes and other fabrics is easier than you think with Vanish Power O2 Powder.

Washing Machine:

For tough and dried stains:
Add one scoop of Vanish to your laundry detergent in the washing machine drawer and wash as usual.

For normal stains add 1/2 a scoop.Wash as usual.


For tough and dried stains:
Fully dissolve 1 scoop of the Vanish Power O2 Powder into 4 litres of warm water (max 40 °C) and leave it to soak.

For lighter stains, you can use 1/2 a scoop.

leave to soak for a maximum of 1 hour.

leave to soak for a maximum of 6 hours.

After soaking, wash as usual or rinse thoroughly.

For best results on tough stains, rub the stains out of the clothes before rinsing.


Always follow the usage instructions on the Vanish packaging.

Do not use on wool, silk or leather.

Do not use on finished or coated surfaces - for example wood, metals etc.

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